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Professional Inspection & Audit Services

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PRIAAS offers trouble free Buying House Services to its reputed clients over a decade now. We offer "Best Product" & "Competitive Prices", "Free Sampling", "Production Quality Control", "In time Delivery", "Competitive Prices". PRIAAS has extensive market know how and reputation, hence is able to to source right products, competitive prices and best delivery time.



We arrange Sampling for the buyers with the help of a professional & well experienced team. They keep a close check on sampling ensuring products are according to customers’ desired specifications, ensuring in-time delivery and in specified quantities.


Production Monitoring & Online Quality Controls:

Online inspections are performed by picking a random samples of products during the manufacturing process. Online Inspections can be performed at various stages of production e.g., material checking, cutting, stitching and at various stages of final manufacturing & packing. PRIAAS provide updated information at every stages hence helping buyers to make in-time decisions.


On-Schedule Delivery:

Regular & continuous online inspections not only keep the buyers updated but also but also ensure in-time deliveries. PRIAAS reports on the progress to meet your shipping schedule commitments. Hence working closely with the suppliers , we ensure quality & delivery.


Final Inspections:

During a pre-shipment inspection, an Acceptable Quality Level sampling plan is used for inspections. Our Quality Controllers verify that finished goods have been made up to your specifications. The inspections are normally conducted at MIL-STD-103E, ANSI Z1.4-2003 or known as AQL standard. Inspections sometimes are also conducted as per customer's own desired standard.


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